DIY VAST Satellite reception

If you need to improve your TV reception in Toowoomba ? See VIDCAM's range of VAST Satellite and FTA UHF antennas , Coax, Splitters, Connectors and other accessories .
VIDCAM can help you sort out your reception problems in Toowoomba

But if you live in a Regional Area and cannot get FTA (Free To Air) Reception then you may need a VAST free-to-air satellite receiver. These units get the signal from a Satellite and require a Special Receiver and satellite Dish.VIDCAM Carry Settop boxes , Satellite Finders and Dishes.
The Service is avaliable to People who are travelling as well , many campers and Caravan owners will have a VAST Dish and Receiver for FTA reception. To see if you can get it, checkout

TV Antenna Toowoomba
TV Antennas Toowoomba
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