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Debt Owed to: Vidcam Pty Ltd Debt Owed by: Kelvin MacBeth Mr Kell MacBeth, KEL MACBETH CONTRACTING Last Known Address, PO Box 59 12 Rowbotham Street Toowoomba 4350 QLD. Ph 07 46355487 0419782765. Also has lived in Hampton Queensland, Original Amount Due from Kelvin MacBeth: $3,587.66 Collection costs: INTEREST. Total now due from Kelvin MacBeth :$3,587.66 Action started May 2009, He seems to have Closed his Busness and moved out of the Rowbotham St address, (and not left a forwarding Address. (Funny That)).

Details of Unpaid Cheques.

We believe the Gentleman with her may also be able to help with our Enquires. We where lucky as the cheque she wrote us was only for $99.95 but since putting up these Details, it appears they have gone on a spending spree across Toowoomba, People have sold them Vehicles , Furniture etc all in good faith but we have been let down.
Shayne Francis supplied us with a NSW Photo Drivers license
with the address of
Stock Haven
Onus Road
Gumflat NSW 2360

Her Mobil was 0439282490
The Police have been informed , if you have been effeced to please go to the QPS in Toowoomba.
UPDATE, (3 Nov 2015)
I just had a call from a Lady in Brisbane who said this lady is at it again , this time in Brisbane. So everyone keep a eye out for Shayne Francis and advise the Police if you see her.
Do you Know any of these people? Would you like to know more??
If so please Contact us at
This information is still correct as of Best Regards, Allan
Director, VIDCAM Pty Ltd
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