Setting up MMS on HC550 Trial Cam on Telstra

I found the Setting Supplied with the camera did not work, so it is easy to change to the Correct setting
Copy the Files on your DVD to a Directory on your computers Hard Drive
Then run the file MMSCONFIG program on your PC,
select MMS ON and MMS Mode MANUAL
The Current Setting are shown in the Picture on the Right
Put the Phone number you want it to send Pictures to in the Phone1
You type the number only, eg 041XXXXXXX not +6141XXXXXXX or 6141...
Just the whole number , no spaces etc.

Phone1The number to send MMS to
Phone22nd Number to send MMS to
Phone33rd number to send MMS to
You then SAVE the file 'Parameter.dat' to the Flash SD card (NOT to the PC Directory
Setting up the Menu is also important.
If you are only using the Single shot (MULTI) you do not need to set the Interval setting,it is only used to tell the camera how many shots and how far apart they will be when motion is detected.
Be aware as Telstra do charge upto 70 cents per MMS image!
You can control the camera by SMS sending direct to the camera, eg to request a Image send a SMS to the Phone number of the Camera,
Send a *500* and it should send you a Image
*500*Capture Image and send to Set phone numbersImage will be sent
*505*Capture Image and send to this phoneImage will be sent
*520*Send Camera Information, EG Battery status and Free space on cardSpace: 4900 Battery:100%
*530*Start recodingStart OK
*531*Stop Detecting MotionStop OK
(if you are not getting a response it may not be configured correctly or its currently sending a Image ie its busy. Just resend after a couple of seconds)
Now to Turn it on
With both the SIMM and SD card installed, turn the unit to the TEST Position
Now WAIT until the unit logs onto your Phone provider's Signal and displays its Name at the top of the screen,
see Photo->>
Check the Signal Level too, if it is low you may have issues Sending Images
Now you can switch the unit to ON,
If you had switch it straight from OFF to ON and not waited, it won't connect to the 3G network.

How to setup Email sending

I will update soon.
But you will need a Email account,
its Server details,
Port and Security Settings.

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