ST1000 Temperature Switch

Connect the power supply (DC12 Volts) to power terminals (+12V and GND).
The Item (load) you want to turn on/off has one lead connected to the KO Terminal and then the Supply for the load is attached to the K1 terminal.
The other lead on your LOAD is connected to Ground.

The unit will normally display the current probe temperature ,
But when you press the SET button, the display flashes the current set temperature,
Press '-' or '+' to adjust the desired temperature.
Next press 'SET' to confirm return,

The controller automatically performs the relay by setting off! Lights, LED status descriptions:

Display indicators:

The Status LED is ON The relay is switched on.(the relay is closed K0 and K1 connected).
LL is the temp sensor open circuit, eg cable damaged etc
?HH is out of range, the thermostat will be forced to open the relay, --- as high temperature protection.
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