Why Queensland does NOT have Daylight Savings.

Wonder why, Living in this great state we don't have the Daylight savings time zone during summer?
First of all the sun rises later in the morning the further north you travel,
you can notice this when watching Live TV breakfast shows, like Sunrise on Channel Seven and the Today show on Nine,
For example they would do a live cross to say ,Cairns or Mt Isa,
It would be 6.30am DST and EST (because in Qld our TV shows are on delayed telecast during DST) and it is daylight in Toowoomba (QLD, where I live) and also in NSW where their studio is, but the sun still has not risen in Cairns.

Why is this so?

I think this is why so many people up north not want Daylight Saving,
and get the extra hours of sunlight after work??
So I did so research, unlike some people,
On the Bureau of Meteorology site, http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/qld/
has Satellite images.
Checkout the Visible Images in summer ,you can see the sunrise comes across the landscape.
Straight away you see the sun does not rise in the East and set in the West !
The sun rises in the South East and sets more in the North West,
it does not follow the states Borders and the Daylight time zones do not either.
The time zones are setup across the world to align the Daylight to the local time.
So now we know the sunrises at 45 deg across our country, in effect places north of Brisbane,
e.g. Townsville should be on the same Time zone as Adelaide,
and Weipa should be on the same Time zone as Perth !!!

daylight saving in queensland

13 Jan 05:25AM Eastern Daylight Time /ESDT, This is 4.25AM EST (QLD time)

daylight saving wont work in queensland

13 Jan 06:25AM Eastern Daylight Time /ESDT, This is 5.25AM EST (QLD time)

daylight saving

13 Jan 07:25AM EDT/ESDT, This is 6.25AM EST

(Images are from: JMA and NOAA GOES-9 image via Bureau of Meteorology. GMS-5 backup with GOES-9 operated by the joint effort of JMA and US NOAA NESDIS over the western Pacific.)

Different Time Zones IN QLD ?

This is another Idea some people have come up with. Well that's a great Idea, lets split the state in half. We are a Complete State not a half broken up southern State, and it just seems to me that a lot of these people who want Daylight saving here in Our Great State , have escaped from the southern states to live in up here, and are hell bent on turning Queensland into the same place they just moved from.
Just look at the images and maybe it will help people understand why it does not work for all of our state,
I noticed a news article in www.news.com.au Site and it is starting to list some things people do not like about Daylight Savings.
That's My 2 cents.
Myself I love getting up early with the sunrise and walking before work. .


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