Bill's Ute is a Labour of Love

My dad restored this 1940 Bedford Carry-all ute to a magnificent  British racing green , with Mirror finished Paint, Chromed Radiator and Headlights. Restored beautifully the interior Door Trim and Seats. The Motor was a the main concern, he had to try to rebuild this old 4 cylinder motor that had not run for many years. Lucky when he found the car, there where TWO Ute's , although they were both in very bad condition he was able to use parts from one to fit the other, this was his first Task, he had to get a engine running. After many days of using his great mechanical skills Dad got the mighty 4 Cylinder running.

The only thing he needed to buy was the Piston Rings!!

So now there was a tremendous incentive to get the rest restored.

Dad wanted to keep it as original as possible so he used nothing but the best wood to build the framework for the seats and rear pickup area. All rust holes where filled with 18 gauge steel and welded into place.

 The paint job was fantastic, after the shell was ready for painting, all the old paint was removed, it was treated with prepsol and then undercoated, and finally several top coats of British racing green!


This is their Original Condition, before we started work
Well there was a LITTLE rust!
Stripping down the shell, removing all doors,fittings, motor etc.
The cabin comes off the Chassis frame
Pict0005.JPG Pict0006.JPG
Lots and lots of rust, this is before.. and below is after, Panelling is weilded and filled
Pict0007.JPG Pict0008.JPG
Pict0009.JPG Pict0010.JPG
Pict0011.JPG Pict0012.JPG
Pict0013.JPG Pict0014.JPG
This is one of the Suicide Doors, they where called that becuase they opened at the front.
New door Trims and window felt grooves made
Pict0017.JPG 1940 Bedford Ute
Just about Finished, but wait where are the doors!
Thats Caroline getting out)
Bill Simpson in 1976
The Toowoomba Chronicle did an Article on The Ute
The Finished Beford Ute