For my Dad

My Dad, My Hero, Was born on 30 March 1923 and Passed away 14/1/2005,
His Mother was Mrs Simpson, Nee Casier, of Forest Green, UK.
His dad, Allan Hay Simpson died in 19 Thirty something, Allan owned a Transpost company in London.
Dad lived at home with his mum, till he meet this Iris in 1955!!
They got married in January 1960
They knew they where both Soul mates, and lived a life of great Love and pleasure.
In 1964 they left England and moved to Australia, where Dad worked as a Motor Mechanic, for a Chrysler Car dealership in Adelaide. He left there after several years and started selling houses with a Real Estate company in Enfield SA, working with a Gentleman called Herb Underdown, Dad soon realiesed that there was a need for a agent in Elizabeth, so he took a leap of faith and started up Simpsons of Elizabeth, operated from home, and he and Mum started selling houses and renting them. Dad also would buy the occasional old run down place, and do it up , as he was really good with his hands and builing skills, then sell it for a good profit.
In 1978 both M&D deceided to move out of South Australia and move to Queensland. Up here they rented a few places to find an area they liked, and in the End Settled in Toowoomba, which is where we stayed..
Dad and mum did several bussines eventures, he ran a Real Estate Company again, and also started up Toowoomba Gold Mine, it was a retail shop that sold Metal detectors, he made a small gold mine, (LOL) and even had a peice of lead painted as gold and made to look like a gold ingot. Which was to show how easy it was to find them in the dirt..

For his Funeral, Dad's ELEGY we wrote..

Bill Simpson was born the only son of Allan and Francis Simpson on 30 March 1923 in London.
Dad was a very jovial and happy man who loved using his humour to get reactions and smiles from people. Dad’s visits were often heralded by loud bursts of his car’s claxon and ABBA blasting from his well worn speakers which was always quickly followed by the sound of his characteristic laughter.
It’s true to say, even at 81 Dad was still very much in touch with his “inner child”, something that made him so endearing to so many.
If Dad wasn’t having tug a war with the checkout chicks by not letting go of his cash as he pretended to pass it over, he was flashing his “special identification”, which was in truth, a modified gun licence with a picture of Dad fiercely poking out his tongue.
Dad was married to his beloved wife Iris for 28 years, a time filled with fun and adventure. Mother’s death in 1988 was the single worst tragedy in Dad’s life and there was never a day when he didn’t desperately miss her. It is a tribute to his courage and irrepressible spirit that he continued on.
Bill adored Iris and they were an inseparable and unbeatable team. Together they built up and ran Guilford Paints and Products in the UK before immigrating to Australia in 1964.
Dad and Mum settled in South Australia and worked together as Real Estate Agents in their company “Simpsons of Elizabeth”.
But it wasn’t all work, as those who know Dad would expect. There are people in South Australia and some people sitting here, who would no doubt remember the fabulous and outrageous dinners and parties Bill and Iris would throw at their home. These celebrations would often result in fully dressed party goers, gowns and all “full of the joys of spring” ending up in the Simpson pool, with champagne glasses in hand roaring with laughter throughout the night.
In 1978 Bill and Iris moved from South Australia to Queensland and after a few months settled in Toowoomba before building their final home in Helidon a town that Dad truly loved.
One of Dad’s pet hates was to see councils or governments working against the best interests of his community and took on the local Gatton Council on a number of occasions.
One in particular was the fight against the Helidon Piggery, and despite intimidation and public attacks by the council, Dad’s steadfast determination to do what is right, helped to have the Helidon Piggery project cancelled. Sometimes Dad’s protests were a little smaller. He strongly objected to the impost the Gatton Council placed upon Helidon residents for their sewage connection, and although he didn’t successfully beat that one, he infuriated the hell out of the council by paying the impost, not, in one large single payment as they had demanded but by making many many small incremental payments over the longest period, much to the councils frustration, which he enjoyed immensely.
His community spirit and tenacity should be a inspiration to all of us !
Many years ago Dad hand carved the following words,

Life is as sweet as the early morning Dew,

It is yours,

It is mine,


Dad did just that, living every moment to the fullest.
Allan and Caroline were lucky enough to have their Dad’s love and laughter filling such a large part of their lives.
His death has deeply affected everyone who was lucky enough to know him. Dad will be greatly missed.
Dad was cremated and we spread his ashes around a Tulip tree where Mums ashes where also spread when she passed away, as per his wishes.

1948 Bedford Ute

William Alfred George (Bill) Simpson (Shotgun)

Born 30 Mar 1923 in Bromley District, Kent
Son of Alan Hay Simpson and Frances Emma (Cayzer) Simpson
Brother of Mim (Simpson) Booth [half] and Clifford Allan B Simpson [half]
Husband of Iris Winnifred (Skinner) Simpson — married 22 Jan 1960 in SW Surrey
Daughter Caroline Simpson
Son Allan Simpson

Bill Simpson was born in England.
Died 15 January 2005 in Helidon, Queensland


William Alfred George Simpson, the son of Allan and Gladys, was born on 30 March 1923.
His birth was registered in Bromley District, Kent, England.

Family Life

As a 2 year old, Bill Simpson's family home was at 58, Victoria Road, Clapham, Surrey, England.
By 1931, the family had moved to 14 South Park Road, Wimbledon, London, England.
Bill went to school at Manor House School, Clapham, Surrey, England.


On leaving school, about 1939, Bill joined Bristol Aerospace Co., Bristol, Avon, England.
The following years during WW2 he enlisted in the British Army's Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) , working on many Spitfires and other Aircraft.


William Alfred George Simpson married Iris Winnifred Skinner on 22 January 1960.
Their marriage was registered in Surrey SW, Surrey, England. [2]


1964, they moved to Australia.
They lived in South Australia from 1964 to 1977 moving to Queensland Toowoomba.
They bought a house at 57a, North Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Mum and Dad then bought a block of land in Helidon Queensland in 1984 and then built a 2 bedroom House and lived their until their passing


Bill Simpson died at Helidon, Queensland, Australia on 15 January 2005. [4] Sources