Convert your Video tapes to USB or DVD.

All transfers are conducted right here in Toowoomba.
Your precious tapes / films won't be shipped off to a Brisbane firm and maybe get lost in transit.
Experience same-day service Call ahead and then drop your items off before 9 AM
and you can pick them up later in the afternoon.
(T&C's and a Express fee apply.).
Don't delay , waiting does increase the risk of quality deterioration and/or mold growth on your tapes,
Mold can cause the tape inside to stick to itself.
This is particularly common with tapes stored in humid environments.
Visit our local experts today or give us a call. , see the Contact US page.
VHS transfer Reel Audio to Digital 8mm Film transfer

VIDCAM can convert;
Video Tapes, 8mm Film, Audio Magnetic Tapes and Audio Cassette tapes.

to Digital ie USB, DVD or Cloud drive.

We guarantee all of our work.

Enhanced Video Quality

Transforming standard PAL tapes with a resolution of approximately 335 x 576 pixels into HD 1024x768 at 25fps is our specialty. At VIDCAM, we digitally upscale your video footage to high definition without any additional charges.

Streamlined Content

Have a mix of home movies and old TV shows on your tapes? No problem. We meticulously edit out unwanted segments, ensuring your memories remain focused on what matters most.

Transparent Process

Uncertain about the contents of your tapes? Reach out to me, and I can provide an overview or even a sample recording uploaded securely to the Cloud for your review. Your peace of mind matters to me.

Security and Assurance

When you leave your items, a detailed Booking form is filled out, including job number, number and type of tapes, and your contact details and Extra Instructions from you. We take great care in handling your precious memories stored on your tapes and films. Your items are personally handled from store to processing lab. Upon arrival, each tape is coded to the job. For digital USB transfers, we provide added security by keeping a backup copy of your recordings on our systems for up to three months after you have received them back. Rest assured, your precious memories are in safe hands.

Video types include:

VHS, VHSc,Beta
8mm, MiniDV, Digital 8,
Digital Video Camera ,PAL or NTSC,

VHS to DVD Digital USB
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