Film transfer

How much to Digitize 8MM Film to MP4 or DVD ?

8 mm Film Silent or with Audio

Reel Size
Cost per ReelCost per Foot of FilmRecording Media
3 inch Reels, 50 Ft$40(80 cents a foot) Transfer to
(a) USB Drive , add $15, will hold 2 Hours of footage
(b) DVD , add $25 , One Disc will store upto 2 hours of Footage
(c) Both USB and DVD, add $40.

5 inch Reels, 200 Ft$90(45 cents a foot)

7 inch Reels, 400 Ft$120(30 cents a foot)

When converting film to digital format,
there are additional costs involved due to the extensive post-processing required.
Editing, cropping, stabilizing, and upscaling the footage all require significant time and effort.
Furthermore, to achieve high-quality results, our machine captures a single photo of each frame,
which also adds to the overall processing time.
We have recently acquired a new machine capable of transferring Super8 MM films with sound.
For sound films (Not silent films) , there can be a one-time setup charge of $50,
followed by the same pricing structure as mentioned earlier, based on the reel size.
A sample of an 8mm film transfered to USB
To give you an idea of the quality we deliver,
here's a sample of an 8mm film transfer I recently worked on.

This particular footage was shot on KODAK 8MM film in 1956 at Albert Park Street Circuit in Victoria, Australia.
It features captivating footage of a young Sir Stirling Moss.
Reel Diameter vs film length and Aprox running time
 How much is Film to Digital
Reel Size
Film Length
(18 fps)
Super 8mm
(18 fps)

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