have been providing quality video tape transfers to VHS,DVD & Digital
for over 30 years in Toowoomba.
So you can use VIDCAM for all your transfer needs and
be assured, your precious tapes are in good hands.
The drop off point, securely store your tapes,
and I personally collect them daily and transport them to my dedicated VIDCAM Toowoomba Lab.
Additionally, I offer 8mm film transfers to DVD or USB using a new Telecine machine.
Silent 8mm or Super 8mm films can be expertly converted,
while films with sound are processed using a
modified Super8 Sound Projector and 3CCD chip camera.
To ensure the best results, your films can be cleaned with Filmguard, if required, this is a trusted solution used by many 35MM cinema operators.
Any film breakages are repaired with precision, including re-splicing if necessary.
As a recent addition to our services, we now offer transfers from a 4-track TEAC A2000 Reel-to-Reel deck

or a fully restored Marantz SD420 cassette deck for cassette transfers.

JAYCAR do Video to DVD transfers ?


VIDCAM was the JAYCAR stockist in Toowoomba from 1990 to 2021, and for many years we did professional and reliable film, video ,
audio tape transfers as VIDCAM / Allan's Electronics in the Hooper Center ,Toowoomba. But some people thought we where just JAYCAR.

But as my retail Store is closed you can drop off your tapes at one of my convenient locations, in the Hooper Center or Downtown, and I'll take care of the rest!

Back in the Beginning we did VCR and Camcorder Repairs, this is a TV ad we had made to a cool Jingle.
Thanks for stopping by. Regards, Allan

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