VHS transfer

VIDCAM price list for transferring your Video tapes to DVD or USB Digital

VIDEO tape transfer price list

Video tape to DVD

copy VHS to DVD
Video tape are transferred and upscaled to SD,
720x576, 25fps.

$25 each tape for first 2 hours
$40 for 2 to 4 Hours
$60 for 4 to 6 Hours.

Includes DVD and Case

DVDs are also printed with the Title on them
Additional Copies
CD to CD or DVD to DVD or USB to USB
$15 per Disc or USB
(Disc or USB drive included)
Discounts for Bulk quanites

Video tape to USB

Video Tapes to USB are transferred and upscaled to HD,
1024x768, 25fps.

$25 each tape for first 2 hours
$40 for over 2 hours.

(add $15 for USB drive),
a drive can hold upto 8 Tapes.

Upscale to 4K if required, will end up with a large MP4 file,
please enquire for rates.

All Video & Audio transfers are subject to copyright rules
We can also transfer VIDEO directly from the
HDD in your Camcorder

We guarantee all of our work.

Video Upscaling

Standard PAL tapes offer a resolution of about 335 x 576 pixels. At the VIDCAM, when converting to Digital, I upscale your videos picture to the HD at no extra cost.

Removal of TV shows

If your tape has , say 60min of home movies and then It has a old TV show recorded after that,
I remove, ie edit, that from your tape.
If your not too sure what is on your tapes,
let me know and I can tell you,
or even do a small sample recording to the Cloud and you can check it at home before I commence transferring.

Security and Peace of Mind

When you leave your items, a detailed booking form is filled out, with Job number, Amount of Tapes , Type of tapes and your Contact details.
We all take great care in handling your precious memories stored on your tape/films.
Your items are handled in person from Store to Processing lab.
When tapes arrive I code every tape to the job .
For Digital USB transfers ,some extra added security ,
I keep a backup copy of your recordings on our systems for up to
3 months after you have received them back.

Enhanced Video Quality

Transforming standard PAL tapes with a resolution of approximately 335 x 576 pixels
into stunning HD , 1024x768 25fps, is our specialty.
At VIDCAM, we digitally upscale your video footage to high definition without any additional charges.

Streamlined Content

Have a mix of home movies and old TV shows on your tapes?
No problem. We meticulously edit out unwanted segments, ensuring your memories remain focused on what matters most.

Transparent Process

Uncertain about the contents of your tapes?
Reach out to Allan , and I can provide a overview or
even a sample recording uploaded securely to the Cloud for your review.
Your peace of mind matters to me.

Security and Assurance

Rest assured, your precious memories are in safe hands.
Each item is meticulously cataloged upon arrival, and sealed in a bag ,keeping them secure from storage to processing.
For added security during digital transfers, we maintain backup copies of your recordings
on our systems for up to three months after delivery.

Prices correct as of:
but subject to change at any time.