VHS transfer

VIDCAM price list for transferring your Video tapes to DVD or USB Digital

VIDEO tape transfer price list

Video tape to DVD

copy VHS to DVD
Video tape are transferred and upscaled to SD,
720x576, 25fps.
$25 each tape for first 2 hours
$40 for 2 to 4 Hours
$70 for 4 to 6 Hours.

(Includes DVD and Case)
Additional Copies
CD to CD or DVD to DVD or USB to USB
$15 per Disc or USB
(Disc or USB drive included)
Discounts for Bulk quanites

Video tape to USB

Video Tapes to USB are transferred and upscaled to HD,
1024x768, 25fps.
$25 each tape for first 2 hours
$40 for over 2 hours.

(add $15 for USB drive),
a drive can hold upto 8 Tapes.

Upscale to 4K if required, will end up with a large MP4 file,
please enquire for rates.

All Video & Audio transfers are subject to copyright rules
We can also transfer VIDEO directly from the
HDD in your Camcorder

Fun fact: VHS video tapes typically have only 240 lines of vertical resolution.
The horizontal resolution can vary depending on the quality of the recording and playback equipment
but is generally around 333 pixels.
It's important to note that VHS is a standard-definition analog format
and does not offer the same level of resolution as modern digital formats.
* we can supply a suitable high quality USB drive for $15 ,
includes case and a free digital backup for 60 days.

Prices correct as of:
but subject to change at any time.