Video to DVD transfer

Transfering your VIDEO tapes to DVD makes an ideal gift for
Anniversaries or
A special occasion.

video transfer conversion

$20 per tape to DVD disc

$60 per tape to MP4

(USB stick not included)
VIDCAM ™ can efficiently transfer your video tapes to DVD, enabling you to preserve your unique and personal video memories for years to come.

It does include a hard plastic DVD case
to keep your Disc safe and creates a totally professional finish to your DVD.
At VIDCAM we only use high quality Verbatim DVD recordable media.

VIDCAM now offer to transfer your Video tapes to MP4 format.
This allows you to use the vision on a Computer, you can edit it with most Video editors and you can convert it to smaller file size to email your freinds,
You can even put it on Youtube as well
You will need to supply a Blank USB stick, or you can buy one from our shop if wanting it in MP4 format.

We can transfer any video material for you from your personal,family or related videos. We cannot copy any Copyright material, ie movies, TV shows, horse races etc (Please ask for more information if not sure)

At VIDCAM we use very high quality transfer devices and techniques to ensure the maximum quality possible for your DVD transfer. We use a Digital Timebase Corrector to process the video signal which helps in removing any screen flickering or tracking type problems. But if your tape is badly damaged it may still show signs of trouble.
Your video will be copied "as is" ,the quality of the video and audio recording on the DVD is determined by the quality of the original video supplied,
At this stage we do not do any editing, as it becomes very time consuming and the cost would be very expensive,
in fact once the Tape is on DVD you could use your own PC to Video edit it from DVD in the comfort of yoru own home.

Supported formats

The following video formats can be transferred to DVD in PAL .
  • VHS (PAL or NSTC)
  • S VHS
  • VHS C(PAL or NSTC)
  • Mini DV
  • 8 mill(PAL or NSTC)
  • Hi-8
  • Digital 8
  • DVD+ or DVD-
  • To or from MP4
Tranfering PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL is $65 per tape.

Why you should put your Videos onto DVD?


If your tape has snapped we can resplice it and then put it on to DVD or a New VHS Tape. To repair a VHS tape is is $20 Per splice. 8 Mill and Mini DV tapes are $40 a splice. But some Mini DV tape are not design to be repaired as the Cassette housing is Sealed and the case has to be broken to access the tape, these repairs start at $40 and rise very quickly due to the time required to repair, when we get these tapes our Tape technician will contact you with a aprox quote.
We will always recommond when it is repaired you get it transferred straight away, unfortnually we cannot give a warranty on how well it will work after the repair.

So are you ready to send your tapes to us??

Then just fillout this Order form and then print it and send it with your tapes to
PO Box 1253 ,
Toowoomba QLD 4350,
REGISTERED POST is a good idea and Email us the Tracking Number you get, so we can track it ourselves via Australia Post,
Then when it arrives we will then do the rest. In a few days after getting your tapes a VIDCAM staff member will Email or phone you with costs and how to pay

Some Cool facts about Video Tapes

Will tapes last longer if they are not used?

Not necessarily. Tapes should be rewound or played at least annually. However, the more often you play a tape,the greater the likelihood that the tape will be damaged. Copies should be made of frequently used tapes so that a backup exists.

How long will videotapes last?

The life of a videotape is difficult to predict. Some tapes deteriorate after three or four years, under humidity conditions deterioration can occur in even lest time as Mold grows b/t the tape and damges it) The life of a tape depends on good storage conditions, the quality of the tape, the frequency of use and the care in use.

How should tapes be stored?

Heat and humidity are the two greatest enemies of videotape. The recommended storage conditions for videotape are 18C-24C with a relative humidity of between 35 per cent and 45 per cent i.e. an even temperature with low humidity. Satisfying these conditions in a typical domestic environment is difficult. Storage places to be avoided include:
  1. Directly on concrete floors (susceptible to spills and water damage and high humidity)
  2. Attics, cellars (high temperatures and high humidities)
  3. Adjacent to bathrooms and laundries, or other areas where steam water is found
  4. Next to the VCR or other Electricial Equipment in an enclosed cabinet due to high temperatures.
You should always keep tapes to their containers when you have finished using them and store them in an upright position.
It is also a good idea to spool tapes at low speed or play from start to finish before storage as this will ensure that the tape is correctly wound inside the cassette.

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